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Safe Shopping

Security is our priority

Keeping your details secure

If you are worried about submitting your personal details, especially your credit or debit card numbers on the internet, be safe in the knowledge that we keep all of your information safe and secure using the latest security technology. 

Shop securely

If the browser you use is a secure one (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.1 or later, Firefox version 1.0 or later), any information you send us will be security encrypted, making it virtually impossible to read even if intercepted. Industry-standard security technology ensures that your name, address and credit card number can be sent securely.

Keeping your details private

When browsing or shopping online, you may be asked to give us your name and email address. These will only be used to give you a more personal level of service. For example, we may need your contact details to arrange an appointment with one of our sales team, or in response to an enquiry you may have made.

Still worried?

If you would rather order by phone, please call to order on 0800 055 6095 Mon - Sat, 9am to 5.30pm.

Any questions?

Any questions about our privacy and security can be emailed to:

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