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We stock a wide range of recliners and recliner chairs. With a range of styles available in our range of recliner chairs, you are sure to find your ideal recliner sofa or recliner chair at a great price.

Browse our full range of recliners and recliner chairs below and buy online today.


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  1. Sherborne - Keswick Manual & Powered Recliners

Widely known and respected, the Sherborne name on the distinctive label can now been seen on the most comprehensive selection of upholstery styles, ranging from the ultimate in relaxing Recliner Chairs and Settees (with Fixed Suite options) to traditional Fireside Chairs and Settees and a Drop-end Sofa option, too.

The Keswick has a beautifully contoured shape and is designed for exceptional comfort, with soft, stylish arms, welcoming fibre-filled back cushion and  full-width 'chaise' seating.

Comes complete with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE

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  • Relaxateeze - Avanti

    Relaxateeze - Avanti

    Starting at: £199.00

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    The ever-popular Avanti is a medium size swivel recliner with soft padding, and a popular moveable head cushion, ideal for those who want comfort and style and a modern swivel recliner design. The stunning new `Avanti` Swivel Recliner Armchairs have been developed to the highest standards, providing strength, durability and supreme comfort. Some notable features of the Avanti include a stylish star base design with a matching round base on the footstool with a one-stem base for a smooth turn and swivel. The swivel unit enables the user to turn around 360° and the solid timber base comes in a Beech finish to compliment the high quality `Cream` Leather Faced upholstery Leather Faced: This means all the parts of the recliner that take the wear and tear over the years are genuine leather. The outsides, or non-wear parts are vinyl with perfect colour match.

    Main features: ·   Stylish five feet base design ·   360 degree rotation ·   Footstool included ·   Solid timber base in a `Beech` finish ·   Cream Leather Faced upholstery ·   Weight Limit: 18 stone (114kg)

    This product has a 12 Month Guarantee

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  • Celebrity - Westbury Manual & Powered Recliners
  • Celebrity - Westbury Manual/Powered Recliners Learn More
  • Celebrity - Woburn Manual & Powered Recliners
  • Celebrity - Woburn Manual/Powered Recliners Learn More
  • Celebrity - Regent Manual & Power Recliners
  • A new ‘softer-sitting’ recliner complete with luxurious, fibre-filled, twin cushion back with extra height for full neck/shoulder support.

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